The launch of the Fashion Bible on the Czech and Slovak markets is accompanied by the exhibition The First Issue at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. Based on the concept combining the world of fashion, beauty, jewelry, design and art, the exhibition will feature large-scale photographs, unique jewelry and design objects, mapping the history of Vogue magazine by means of an original installation. A limited edition of the magazine with a special cover by Michal Pudelka will be exclusively available there.

The first issue of Vogue CS is a symbolic celebration of freedom and the centennial anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. The exhibition reveals the broader meanings and ways of thinking that led to these epic photo stories and energetic texts. You can take an untraditional look behind the pages of the magazine, peeping behind the scenes of the preparation of this important visual medium.

The philosophy of Vogue seems to be very simple: not being satisfied with anything but the highest aesthetic quality. It is about looking for new connections and dealing with the cultural and social phenomena of our times. Vogue not only showcases products, brands and fashion trends in their full glory, but tries to find and feature the attractive stories behind the inception and existence of these trends, putting them into context.

“Every Vogue, which is published in twenty-four editions around the world, has been given a visual structure but at the same time contributes its own national identity. The edition for the Czech Republic and Slovakia returns to the most significant milestones of Czechoslovak culture and the attentive viewer will find a number of parallels and hidden references to the best of our cultural history,” says Editor-in-Chief Andrea Běhounková.

Vogue Czechoslovakia has decided to take a path which is not easy at this time of digital and virtual existence, when the momentary nature of social networks dictates that all is already too late – but this is the only meaningful way it can successfully exist. That is why Vogue CS will always feature many analogue photographs. Compared to digital ones, such photos require time, consideration, experience, deeper insight and attention from viewers, but in return they offer more friendliness and truthfulness. “Vogue photos are like paintings; each of them must be able to stand alone, beyond the magazine,” adds Běhounková. The exhibition, as well as the magazine, will show works by world-renowned Czech and Slovak photographers, presented side by side. Each one of them has a strong and distinctive artistic style of their own, and some of them already gained extensive experience from work for other editions of Vogue – for example, Michal Pudelka shot photographs for Japanese and Italian editions; while Alexandra von Fuerst, half Italian, half Slovak living in London, who is considered one of the greatest up-and-coming talents, shot photographs for the Italian edition of the magazine. There will be photographs by Tono Stano, and Ivan Pinkava and the artist Veronika Šrek Bromová who devotes herself mainly to free-form art; as well as those by the sisters Daniela and Linda Dostálová; the Slovak painter Andrej Dúbravský; and the painter and former tattoo artist Musa.
The first issue of the magazine has two covers. The cover with Karolína Kurková as Olga was shot by Branislav Šimončík; and the author of the special cover for the limited edition of the magazine created exclusively for the exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts is Michal Pudelka. It features the Slovak top model Kamila Filipčíková, a muse of the photographer Steven Meisel, who as the only model in the world to have appeared on two consecutive covers of the iconic Italian Vogue photographed by Meisel. The limited cover of Vogue CS has been inspired by Surrealism and film posters of the 1960s, and it is not a collage, but a real photo from a photographic story, which in addition to 13 Czech and Slovak models includes the actress Jana Plodková.

Of the world-famous brands, unique Tiffany and Bulgari pieces will appear at the show, complemented by works from the Czech jewelry icon, Eva Eisler. A piece of haute couture collection is exhibited untraditionally next to pieces of local designers Pavel Brejcha and Liběna Rochová and Milan Knížák’s furniture. The older generation is represented by René Roubíček with his glass objects, and architect Jan Kaplicky will have his imaginary comeback through the display of his collection of Vogue magazines.

Exhibition: The First Issue
Venue: Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 17. listopadu 2, Prague 1
Term: 17 August – 12 September 2018, Tuesday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., Wednesday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Author of the Exhibition: Jan Králíček
Exhibition Curator: Adam Štěch
Exhibition Architects: Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss (OKOLO)
Graphic Design: Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss (OKOLO)
English Translation: Vladimíra Šefranka Žáková
Photographs from the Exhibition: Tomáš Souček

Entrance Fee: Free of charge

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